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MusclePharm was established after Bradley Pyatt, a former Indianapolis Colt, came to the decision that the available sports nutrition supplements were not meeting the needs of his high-level training requirements. Athletes the world over were being short-changed by all kinds of manufacturers whose products didn’t come close to the over-hyped marketing and label claims that came with their products. That’s why Bradley built MusclePharm, a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer that delivers real, measurable results. Extensive product testing and analysis at their state-of-the-art facilities produces some of the top products on the market. There are serious risks to your health, reputation, and career without a proper supplementation regimen to back up your rigorous training program. Limiting the body’s muscle and strength development due to poor nutrition is a major reason for athletic performance inadequacies. MusclePharm has the trust of sports industry professionals, from athletes to trainers to nutritionists. If you’re looking for product safety, quality, and effectiveness, MusclePharm is one of the top sports nutrition supplement manufacturers of choice.

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